Choose Love !

Have you ever asked yourself what you can do

to help heal the world? 

I believe, if we would be able to solve our own war, the rest would follow on the road to peace and happiness. You may think that these are big words and that this statement may be exaggerated and to easy or naive, but I firmly believe that. If everyone would be able to solve their own war, more peace could unfold on earth. We should first look at our own issues/battle and try to solve that - instead of pointing our finger towards others. 
There are only two factors that lead to war:  action and reaction. That, which goes on in the small picture,

also happens on a bigger scale.

more coming soon........

meltin pot mauritius

  one island . . . many people . . . all mauritians 

 copyright: Danny Vogel / Mainz-RLP/ / 

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