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Danny Vogel, born 1980, passionate globetrotter.
Born in the endless forests of the Free State of Thuringia but found my base in Mainz. I love to create and realize creative projects. Sometimes I build container libraries for the kids in South-Africa and it is a pleasure for my self to share my passion in cycling in traveling with everyone who is interested.

Working freelance as an project manager for an event agency and our main focus are outdoor activities like team buildings such as incentives.
Norway, Sweden, Finnland, Denemark, Lappland, Hungary, Mazedonia, Bosnia, Kroatia, Greece, England, Scottland, Span, Italy, Holland, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republik, Dubai, Canada, South-Africa, India, Nepal, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Lesoto, Bolivia, New Zealand, Rodriguez & Mauritius......

Why Mauritius

Grown up close to the placid forest of Thuringia I was able to enjoy and treasure  the benefits of nature as much as child can do. Of course all the endless hikes with my grandparents right into the local woods are the main reasons for my boundless urge of freedom, nature and exploring something new.  


After a few "mind opening" travels in countries far away from home I actually bumped into that little gem Mauritius. For sure you can call it "love on first sight", no question. But hey, the whole story i´d love to tell you in Mauritius with some cold beers as it would not fit into this frame at all. 
Since my first visit in 2007 I come back for a couple of months every single year and I can claim proudly that I know that little island much better than a lot of the locals. The incredible beauty of Mauritius nature is for sure one of the reasons to come back year after year. But honestly I have to admit that the close friend,- and relationships which have grown up over all the years, are the most biggest piece of my personal fascination for this little piece of land in the middle of nowhere. Through those relationships I was able to open my eyes & heart and see the real beauty of Mauritius in a way no one else can do...

meltin pot mauritius

  one island . . . many people . . . all mauritians 

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