higher spirit healing >>> 10 days

Joy and Happiness lies within. Enjoy Life. Enjoy Mauritius. Enjoy yourself. Abundance is there, always. Abundance is joy - for everyone.

8 Days just for you. 


Stress Relief - Abundance - Happiness - Joy - Yoga - Amazing Food - Beautiful Surrounding - Uplifting Vibes
Family Atmosphere - Trips - Sportive Offer (if you would like to)

Limited space. We will keep it simple and small. 2 - 6 people max.

It is about quality not quantity. We want to make sure you get the attention you need.

It is only about you


Which parts of life are blocking you from

attracting what you deserve?

Which burdens do you carry?

Not a thing? Perfect! In that case: come, enjoy, relax or get nuts.


Whatever you prefer. 
We will make sure you find the space that caters to your needs.
You feel that you are not your best self at the moment? Then these 8 days will provide you with everything you need to take a huge step towards your true self, your essence - which are love / light and happiness. 

This retreat offers you the opportunity to rid yourself of old patterns and overcome traumas in a happy, joyful manner.

Experience abundance within.
Enjoy the beautiful nature of Mauritius with its wealth in food, people, positivity and love.

There is no fixed program. This retreat is shaped personally for you. We as professional therapists and loving humans will be there to pamper you. We will go to local markets together and prepare tasty dishes full of color that nurture our souls and hearts. You can learn a lot about nutrition (if you would like to - nothing is a ‘must’) and how to prepare balanced menus that are full of vitality. They will give your beautiful body what it deserves.

Meaning we start each day shaping a plan that is customised and serves each person of the group individually. You will have enough breaks and breathing space to take your time and explore whatever your heart desires.

That way we have the possibility to focus on your needs. Each day you can decide whether or not you want to join us in our activities or if you’d rather take your time to discover the island on your own - maybe just spend some time in our stunning house and relax. Enjoy a holiday among friends (new and old), exploring yourself and your surroundings on a personal level, without having to miss a thing! 

Malika and Danny are your hosts and are really looking forward to meet and pamper you in a fun and loving way.

What you can expect



Stress Relief Exercises






Personal Coaching


Guided Jeep Trips over the island

Discovering local life


Food Nutrition Clinics / Talks


from 1599- Euro p.P. (5-6 participants) / 1799,- Euro p.P. (3-4 participants) / 1999,- Euro p.P. (2 participants)


This includes all transfers, 7 nights in our house, all foods & drinks, all our retreats and guided activities, free car rental

Dates 20178

08.11. - 15.11. 2018 / 11.12. - 18.12. 2018 

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  one island . . . many people . . . all mauritians 

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